Howls history - to clean up the news bar.

2023-11-11 - ok skellykat is gone again, see ya next year again ! *seeya howl*
2023-10-28 - fuck... forgot to bring back skellykat... *boney howl*
2023-09-15 - i think i need an "abandoned stuff" section *pondering howl*
2023-08-30 - ai stuff, from dreaded to... fun... ? could it be ? *confused howl*
2023-05-25 - *HOWL !!!*
2023-05-24 - ... plus ... *silence*
2023-05-23 - ... 2... *silence*
2023-05-22 - ... 3... *silence*
2023-05-21 - ... 4... *silence*
2023-05-20 - ... 5... *silence*
2023-05-19 - ... 6... *silence*
2023-05-18 - ... 7... *silence*
2023-05-17 - ... 8... *silence*
2023-05-16 - ... 9... *silence*
2023-05-15 - happy birthday, Old fool *howl*
2023-05-06 - a few more days... *howl*
2023-02-15 - trying to upgrade the site, old code is very broken, may be crap for a while *sorry howl*
2023-01-20 - juicing up for spring *juicy howl*
2022-10-05 - haven't worked on anything story related in months... need to escape that dead-end... *stuck howl*
2022-09-10B - dafuq ? an earthquake now ? 4.6 apparently, welp... that's new *shaking howl*
2022-09-10A - 2 days later, the swelling's slowly going away, i can walk again, yay ! *unswelling howl*
2022-09-08 - welp, stepped on a fucking hornet lol - and surely the largest one i've ever seen ! *painful howl lol*
2022-06-14 - holy mother of fucking god - this was surely the most intense movie/TV sequence i've ever seen... need to write some feedback about this episode ! *humbled howl*
2022-04-05 - meh, did some work on the characters gallery, it's, hm, something *meh howl*
2022-03-29 - trying to fix something, a couple of features might be broken right now *busy howl*
2022-03-16 - finally overcame the remaining challenges, finished Elden Ring, yay *victorious howl*
2022-03-05 - uh... yeh... don't expect much of me for the next few days cause ELDEN RIIIIIIIIIIIIING !! *obsessed and slightly ashamed howl*
2022-02-09 - working on a new feature, gonna implement it to each submission page i think *busy howl*
2022-02-08 - *enraged howl*
2022-02-06 - "The red wolf is the world's most endangered canid. Only 8 are known to remain in the wild." *slow howl*
2021-12-10 - "The Norwegian wolf is extinct" *long howl*
2022-01-20 - taking things slow, fingers frozen and painful *cold howl*
2021-12-31 - and happy new year - but you know 2022 will be absolute madness right ? *goodluck howl*
2021-12-24 - and drows and satyrs... you are missed *quiet howl*
2021-12-23 - can't focus on anything creative, so i'm just gonna wish the world Merry Christmas *slow howl*
2021-11-21 - growing hatred and burning bridges would be easier, but those aren't my ways
thank you for the great memories, maybe our pathes will cross again *smiles and waves*
2021-11-16 - fire to the sky, let hell warm the heavens *passionated howl*
2021-11-12 - new album came out, yay !! *epic howl*
2021-11-03 - skellykat is gone *farewell howl*
2021-10-17 - skellykat breaks the navigation, i apologize to the 0 visitors of my site lol
2021-10-16 - brought back skellykat
2021-06-21 - oh god... i need to weed that fucking riverside again... *annoyed howl* UPDATE : nope, no nettle immunity *fuckshitcrappain howl*
2021-05-31 - spent the morning weeding the riverside, i think i have now acquired nettle immunity lol *painful howl*
2021-07-01 - moved my database to 5.7, hope everything's ok lol *updating howl*
2021-05-28 - the fox came to me in dreams... *happy howl*
2021-05-14 - fuuuuuuck, my thumbnail is fractured at the base and i'm now terrified to rip the entire thing off lol, someone help lol ? *help howl*
2021-05-11 - raining, beautiful *drenched howl*
2021-05-05 - and so begins the new age of segragation *wild howl* ya also gonna walk the rebellious path ? reach out ! we need to build parallel polis !
2021-04-29 - bought some lemon again & i'm reaaally curious to try it with coffee now !! *excited howl* UPDATE : this has to be one of the most disgusting things i've ever tasted... *barf howl*
2021-04-24 - fuck... i should have bought eggs... *hungry howl*
2021-04-07 - wtf it's snowing lol "snow howl"
2021-04-03 - SHEEEEEEEiiT !!!
2021-03-27 - so many current ongoing projects, yet all i desire is to explore the twilight of this entire story... the last chapter... i see it unfold in my mind, feel it unfold in my heart - it's the greatest story ever told, and yet, i also want to hide it, keep it where it will be safe, alone, and forgotten by the world... *howl*
i've recently discovered that adding milk in your coffee makes it taste a little bit less shit, did anyone else know that ? it also makes it less dry *fascinated howl*
ok, i'm in the process of updating some old scripts, so expect even more fuckups lol *updating howl*
2021-02-01 update - fucking cat stole the ham from my sandwich ! the entire piece !! *no longer zen howl*
2021-02-01 - out of material for now, gonna render a bit instead *zen howl*
2021-01-29 - fucked up again... i used the same cup for my coffee that i already had for a lazy chicken broth yesterday... most digusting coffee ever... so should i die : CHICKEN COFFEE KILLED ME ! NOT FUCKING COVID lol *but-we're-getting-dangerously-close-there howl*
2021-01-25 - had an entire can of cassoulet for diner... that... might have been a mistake... so... should i die : CASSOULET KILLED ME ! NOT FUCKING COVID lol *bloated howl*
2021-01-24 - didn't work on any illustration in the last few days, been focusing entirely on this new activity, and oh boy, it's been interesting so far, might upload some results soonish *plastic howl*
2021-01-20 - oh noes, it's starting all over again : waiting for a delivery, backpain now from the snowplowing, and frustration from being horny, damn - so shouldn't i survive : A VISITOR THAT READ ALL THAT SHIT AND GREW TIRED OF ME FUCKING UP THE MAINPAGE WITH THOSE LAME MESSAGES AND OVERREPEATING JOKES THAT AREN'T FUN ANYMORE KILLED ME, NOT FUCKING COVID lol *i probably deserved it anyway howl*
2021-01-19 update - nope, i need some extra components, emergency ordered that for tomorrow - so shouldn't i survive : A BURGLER THAT MURDERED ME IN MY SLEEP AND CUT OFF MY HEAD WITH A SPOON KILLED ME, NOT FUCKING COVID lol *dafuq howl ?*
2021-01-19 - yay, didn't die from food poisoning nor didn't catch that cold - i'm invulnerable ! so today i'm gonna try assembling the stuff i ordered - so shouldn't i survive : ELECTRIC SHOCK KILLED ME, NOT FUCKING COVID lol *impatient howl*
2021-01-18 - triple good news : i survived the cake, i plowed the entire sidewalk and i finally received the delivery i've been awaiting for days ; sad news : i'm too drained to open&install it, and i fear that i'll get a cold from overdoing it with the plowing - so shouldn't i survive : SNOWPLOWING KILLED ME, NOT FUCKING COVID lol *exhausted howl*
2021-01-17 - oh no - just ate butterish-cake that i'd kept specifically for today, and midcake i realized it had turned bad already - so shouldn't i survive : CAKE KILLED ME, NOT FUCKING COVID lol *concerned howl*
2021-01-16 - fuck i'm horny, wanna jerk off but can't get in the mood coz i'm waiting for a delivery and working on a render will just make it worse #fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~~ *frustrated howl* XDno delivery today *angry yet satisfied growl*
2021-01-12 - snow *snow howl*
2021-01-08 - oh, the new gods are pissed lol - so, what will rain down first now ? blood or fire ? *hilarious howl*
2021-01-06 - ha ha ha ha XD *sad howl*
2021-01-01 - lol *lol howl*
2020-12-31 - 2020 was hard ? you've seen nothing yet - so let's enjoy the last hours of the day *apprehensive howl*
2020-12-30 - fuck, won't have the time to finish anything anymore for tomorrow, i'm sorry... next renders will come in 2-3 days only *sorry howl*
2020-12-30 - welp today sucks ! cold + waiting for delivery + needing to prepare for tomorrow = no focus on renders til all that shit's over *sad howl*
2020-12-25 - merry *christmas howl*
2020-12-23 - christmas renders done, yay ! i'll share'em tomorrow *christmas howl*
2020-12-19 - insanity is spreading, 2021 will split the world in two *mad howl*
2020-12-14 - the vaccine will be your baptism - welcome into the Church of Data
2020-11-06 - "Give us this Last Man, O Zarathustra"
2020-12-02 - the world's quite cold lately, trying to keep my heat for now *silent howl*
2020-11-26 - Happy Thanksgiving *hungry howl*
2020-11-17 - just realized that I was wrong about my favorite color, judging by all my work, my favorite color isn't red, it's blue ! *fascinated howl*
2020-11-02 - good luck America
2020-10-31 - added a dancing Kat skeleton (he breaks some of the navigation, but i don't care, he won't stay) *halloween howl*
2020-10-30 - made a couple of improvements to accomodate all those recent story pages *busy bee howl*
2020-10-29 - i'd rather go to hell than live in this insane world that's coming *fuck you howl*
2020-10-27 - quick fix : i added a page number on each thumbnail and clicking it leads to the story page *armpain from woodwork howl*
2020-10-26 - yup, added a few more pages, and the gallery looks just awful now, i'll have to fix that... *unhappy howl*
2020-10-25 - hmm... my recent output of submissions has drowned the gallery in very similar looking pics, that's a bit annoying... maybe I'll hide the older ones as I move on ? *thinking howl*
2020-10-24 - early attempt to add the Todo info at the bottom of each concerned submission, it's pointless, but I just love to keep info together - WIP *preserving howl*
2020-10-16 : headache... *headache howl*
2020-10-15 : partially fixed the categories, but i found a conflict and i'm not in the mood to rewrite this code now *lazy howl*
added the entry for the SHATTERED story arc : SHATTERED *happy howl*
• i think i'm gonna try doodling some of the next ideas - or at least ONE of them *scribbly howl*
• man, this news bar is fucking ugly, maybe i should simply shut up to make it pretty again *confused howl*
• fuck you Font Awesome for the loading issues !!! *angry howl*
started porn-renders marathon [3 of 5 DONE] *horny howl*
• cleaned my oven !! *meticulous howl* //


Feeling diary-ish.

2020-07-02 Please please please please : let me die in Summer ! I don't waant my corpse to be found in Winter ! The reason ? Summer penis ! // 2020-05-10 Hidden hole is live, not entirely finished though // 2020-05-08 Neaarly one week without visiting FA/DA... // 2020-05-03 Putamen & Insula... the two zones of the brain that are both shared by the love and the hate circuits... // 2020-05-02 Removed all links & shortcuts to FA/DA from my browser // 2020-04-30 Ate pesto and didn't like it all, WTF happened ? I used to love pesto, why was it different this time ? Bizarre ! // 2020-04-29 Note to myself : I need to shave, I'm starting to eat beard hair again and this does not improve the pizza experience // "And shower..." "And vacuum." "And wash the car." Huh... you guys are not supposed to be here o.o // Today I finished one incredible render, wrote plenty of crap for the site, ate 2 cans of fish : tuna & herring in mustard sauce - I won't survive this year lol // 2020-03-11 Haven't been able to achieve anything at all lately - completely overwhelmed for the last few days and am writing this after having a few drops of rum = am drunk right now. Tepan wrecked me... // 2020-03-09 Decided to make some adjustments to "87", and renamed it "97". Doesn't change a lot, just makes some things less confusing // 2020-03-07 Those last few days have been... bizarre. I couldn't get Tepan out of my mind, and it's been both incredibly inspiring, but also terribly crushing. I made some tremendous changes on the entire character concept and this somehow turned him into one of the most important "projects" of my entire story-world, reaching much further than just "narration". Can't tell more yet, I'm working on it // 2020-03-05 Spent some time working on new characters. Tepan, the first one, is done // 2020-02-26 link // 2020-02-25 Tomorrow // 2020-02-24 Two... // 2020-02-23 Three days... still don't know... // 2020-01-26 Added a couple of old illustrations... going through that old stuff feels like exploring an old life - it's weird, both enjoyable and sad... I miss the fox... One month to go // 2019-10-18 Spent the last couple of days working on Ekwopi, a new character. I updated the site with his entries // New computer also took a couple of days to be set up properly, I had to move and backup something like 2.5 million files, that alone took me nearly 2 days. But now everything's done, and working on render has become a real pleasure again. Ready to flood the site with content // 2019-08-25 Spent some time reworking Chill. I think I'm in the mood to dive back into the core story again, and leave Kat and co. aside for a while // 2019-06-11 Or not, lol. A muesli OD brought me to the brink of death. I survived, but that was a wasted week-end. I tried to render a couple of things, but the computer refused to collaborate. Crashes made me give up immediately. I nonetheless finished a new piece // 2019-06-07 I was in the mood to work with Fey again, so I spent the day working on a new version. I updated his profile image too // Finished a quick test render // Next shall be THE Feyel illustration //

Site History

Just some technical bullcrap that won't interest anyone but me. Technical diary to keep track of the progress, sorta. Written as a huge wall of text to make it a particularly annoying read and without any care of the langage, typos or even syntax.

Stuff to do : Move the next/prev nav from the sub page on to top - for responsive only // Leftover : I need to isolate the versions&stories functions from the description edition // a function that automatically makes links clickable & displays images AND links/images to other subs // Object-fit : none could be interesting !! // Implement pagination on the gallery/artist selection : too many pictures to load otherwise // Make the rating work on the gallery/artist selection // Fix the text-submission renaming feature // Find a better waay to display links on each submission // Autogenerate Thumbnails // Make some sections responsive // Rebuild the navigation bar/main menu // New Renders Notification //

2021-03-11 Made some changes to hta - hopefulyl it won't break anything else lol // 2020-09-12 Wow, haven't updated this in ages ! Welp, added an entirely new section // i'm no win the process of merging this section with the entire site // cleaned up and fixed lots of code // tried to extend the session length before calling the session (in the index), no idea if this will work, so in the meantime, let's expect weird stuff ? maybe ? // 2020-08-13 Spent some time reworking the main menu and the gallery page, both now looks better on mobile // Now the code is still messy and ugly, I didn't rewrite aany, just changed the CSS for now // 2020-08-09 Woops, made plenty of tiny little discoveries here and there, but didn't document any of it - laziness. But either way, here's one of many that i wanna remember : "document.getElementById('id').scrollIntoView();" I used in the submission 690, that's where i spent most of time // Wait, wasn't it already the 9th yesterday ? How comes it's the 9th again ? HUh weird. Anyway made another million little changes here and there, mostly on the Tiji Fashion page // also decided to reopen the comments and to allow some on a very small scale // 2020-07-21 Added another tag, WIP // 2020-07-10 Added a little NUDITY badge in the main gallery // 2020-07-01 Fixed an issue that I created when I added the submission detaaail in the tab - it broke the page when i reached the end of the submissions list. fxied now // 2020-06-27 Fixed an old leftover > the browser tab now also displays the version // 2020-06-19 Made a couple of tweaks, the baackground of each thumbnail in the gallery mode will now be a difference color depending of the illustration rating, makes it easier for me to see what is currently private/wrongly described // 2020-06-18 Isolated and fletched out the background color feature that i used on some pages, it used to be in the main table, now it's in a table of its own, cleaaner and better // next i'll add a color picker to change said color directly // partiaally done, but the color picked bothers me : it doesn't aallow me to keep transparency, which means that once i set aaa color I cannot remove it anymore with saaid picker, so I'll need to write aaan extraa function to delete said entry from the db, sounds contrived // 2020-06-13 Brought back the characters section, I'm putting Project 97 on hold, I just cannot work on it right now // 2020-06-08 Added a private feature to change the classification of a submission // 2020-06-02 Noticed that the adress bar of my AAndroid browser was colored on one particular site, caught my interest, so I had to figure out how to do it, found it, very basic actually, turned it red when viewing the site on internet // 2020-05-28 Added a tiny function to add a unique ID to each submission, this way I can personalize the CSS more easily. I used a class before, dunno why... and I didn't put it high enough in the hiearchy, now I caan do even more // NOPE, doesn't work actuaally, as I alreardy haave an ID... so I turned it into a class - but now I might have conflicts witht the previous system, hmm... shall see ! // 2020-05-22 Made some shy attempts to enable Twitter meta cards. I already had some for Discord, onw I'm trying Twitter also. Doesn't work yet, needed to update Robots, might take aaa few hours, so here's a reminder to check it aagain tomorrow // 2020-05-21 Made some tiny adjustments to the gallery section, it now displays the date too. Been bothered by this since the beggning, aaat one point I waanted to have it there, then not, then again, etc. Finally settled for haavinfg it // 2020-05-20 Couple of small tweaks, I noticed that the modal didn't display the images at 100% width on the phone, it's better now // 2020-05-15 Oooooooooogaaaaaaawd... that's aa lot of work... so many things to rewrite, i just started and i'm already stuck XD i(ll get back to it once my mind's clearde... and once i got my skateboard ! Delivery's todayyaaaay !! // 2020-05-14 Wasn't home all day - still made a few changes on old, outdated functions and associated db stuff, I'm redesigning the waay artists are called // 2020-05-13 Worked a bit on Project 97 site content // Added a function to list said content on the project page - will be useful later // 2020-05-12 Made some work on the gallery navigation bar, for now I won't use it anymore // 2020-05-10 What a mess... so many things to change and rewrite, i've tried a few things but it's quite intricate and goes very deep, little bit annoyed by the amount of work I did in the past ha ha // Anyway, made a couple of changes, not even halfway done, but for now it's goodenuff and no one cares aanyway lol // Managed to improve a few things // 2020-05-09 Pondering how to bring back the other sections... I think I'll keep Characters private and galleries to a minimum... // Made some visual changes to the main menu, i like it. I think i'll keep it that waay but rewrite it entirely to get rid of the buttons, i don't need those anymore and regular links will be just as good // Also : add a feature that highlights the current section - that would be nice // 2020-05-08 Worked some bit on the home page, added an ID to the body // Stories is back online, slight changes // 2020-05-07 Worked a bit more on the hole, it's really fun actually, I could turn it into an interactive story ! I'll ponder that // Yup, hate some fun with that... i suppose... probably pointless, but at least it's done and i'm satisfied, what happens now isn't in my hands anymore // The code is done, the design is done, i'll need more time to integrate it now, so it isn't online yet // 2020-05-06 Wait what ? What happened to yesterday ? // ??????? // Anywaay... worked a bit on the hole // 2020-05-04 Major overhaul of the site going one // Built a new home page, cleaned up the main nav, removed fluff // 2020-05-03 "Ah, yesterday was such a crazy daay, an entire day spent working on the site, today I shaall have my well deserved re..."... Or not // Added a new feature that displays brief summaries under each selecter story // 2020-05-02 Made some changes to the stories section, I turned each story into an indivdual item that I can now paste into other pages, dunno if I'm gonna use it, but shaall see // Fixed a couples of things on the sitory aside // I decided to integreate that story section field, it now displays on 2-3 tags... it works aand I like it, but oh boy... that's some nasty code and planning. I should have rewritten the wonky thing and designed the db table a bit differently, but instead I worked myself around the issues. So it works ! But it also requires unnecessary extra steps that I'll probably regret in teh future // Hm, na, I can't keep using that system... I have plenty of ideas, but I can't implement them right now cause the foundations are bad, I'll have to create a new story-tags-system... T_T // Spent most of the daay reworking the entire story thing : [...] and now i'm facing new issues, i'll have to rewrite all the story functions and redesign the entire story db... so... much... work... idunwannadoitsomeonekillmeplease // first part done ! // second part, yay ! // DONE ! Now let's doubletriplechecke it all // Ok it works... now, time to update all the outdated functions // Ok, done... I think... tired... hungry... // oh wait no, i need to clean up the old db entires now // Ok, should do it for now // Nope, it didn't, I kept working for a few more hours, added tons of other little functions and automated a few things. What aa crazy day // Still hungry // welp, can't let it rest, I'm still working on it - on an arc section now, some stuff may be broken // 2020-05-01 Just discovered "target="_blank"", this allows me to open a link in another tab. I feel quite ashamed, so many simple things that I still don't know. It's like writing long sentences, pages, books ! Only to find out "what ? There's something called the letter D ? I didn't know that ! That makes things much easier !" and now you have to go back to all the shit that you've done and replace every iterances of "problematic truncheon" with "dick" // Made some changes to the tags, now I can isolate story tags from teh regular ones // And that's enough for today, I wanna work on my May the 1st render // 2020-04-31 Wait what ? We're the 05-01 ? Fuck you April ! // 2020-04-30 Oh god, there's just no end to it... I tried to a tiny little thing differently, and it opened the gate to a world of pain, misery and suffering !! I mean, I wanted to add a new, simplified "story tag" to gather pictures that aren't really related other but thematically... and I realized that my db wasn't ready for this kind of change : cause I waas laazy at the beginning and now I'm paying the price for it XD Have to rewrite and rebuild the entire damn thing ! So here's a lesson for y'all : always listen to your teachers !!! ***ignores what he just wrote*** // 2020-04-29 Learned of "CSS Grid", which seems to be a better Flex - I'm very curious to discover how it works, and maybe reworking the many maany sections of the site ? Oh god... there's just no end to it, is there ? // I wanted to work on rendeeeeeeers dammiiiiiit ! // Welp... I worked on renders instead XD I wanted the griiiiid thoooooo ! Okaay, and now I have another problem : I definitely need to build a new section to change all the story relaated submission details - dates, names, chaapters. Can't keep going to the db do it manually // I noticed something wonky with the character age feature, it didn't seem to calculate properly for my last render, I'll have to check that // Also, added a little extra to display the inworld date of an event, if set // 2020-04-28 Hmm, I think I like it ! It's not perfect, sure, but I think I dig the concept, so I'll work on it. I also tried a few new things, like splitting stories into characters, that works too. Maybe I'll do the same with the WH ? Shaall see // But one thing's sure : it is very satisfying to see things come together like that, and I can truly do whatever I desire with this page. This is amaazing // 2020-04-27 Made some work on the homepage, cleaned up, tried aaa couple of things // Same with the stories section, added some songs, testing stuff, dunno if I like it, it looks so busy... // 2020-04-26 CLeaned up the stories page, it now uses proper css instead of the lazy style I used on the html code - doesn't mean that it is done, just that it is better // I revamped the entire stories section ! It's betterer now ! I reorganized the story badges and they now appear bellow each arc, and I moved the remaining few to the bottom, this makes more sense. AND ! AAAAAAND ! I wrote my first function that passes multiple arguments ! I wanted to do that in the past, but didn't know how to do it, so I often wrote multiple copies of the same function for each argument I wanted to pass, not anymore ! HA HAAAA ! // Tweaked it a bit, it now shows a button for each story, but will require user login to show more of it - sucks, but at least it doesn't look that empty anymore // THOUGH... I have a problem now : didn't I consider removing the entire login function entirely ? Woops ! XD // Spent the day working on the stories page and wrote tons and tons of background info regaarding Project 97, I took the page offline for now, as it isn't reaady yet // 2020-04-25 I worked a bit on the stories section, fleshed out some of the arcs // I temporarily removed the thumbnails size button from the main gallery, I haven't used it once since I created it, so it's probably useless // I think I'll also revamp the rating filter, instead of using "all" I think I'll have it display all the content from the highest selected rating, this should make things less confusing // disabled the isKatStillAlive feature, won't neeed it anymore // 2020-04-24 Added new content and characters // Tidbits of J's profile and design section - which I'm particulary proud of cause it is so stupidly simple and keeps making me smile // 2020-04-23 Added a new page // 2020-04-15 Made a couple of changes to the character profiles, they now display full and short names, also made a few css tweaks to make it prettier // I wrote a tiny function to automatically generate the copyright years in teh footer // 2020-04-14 Just discovered the collapse parameter ! I'll use and abuse the shit out of that one !!! // 2020-04-10 Added a feature : clicking on the song title/artist line on some subs with the middle mouse click opens a new tab that automatically searches for the lyrics // 2020-04-09 Added a function to automatically display images links in the comments // 2020-04-08 Noticed a weird issue yesterday : the gallery filters wouldn't work properly under certains condtiions - fixed that / And side note : damn, those very early functions I wrote are bad and primitive XD I could really simplify them a lot now // Noticed that the tags aren't showing when the filter's been used, need to fix that too // 2020-04-07 Added that direct-link-to-comment on the comments summary page // Played with the character selection menu, replaced the texts with the icons, much better on mobile, needs some tweaks on PC though // Next : highlight current content filter all/general/nudity/* // Done. Interestingly : I know I alreaday tried to do this in the past, but in my memory this was last year, ages ago, I was shocked to see that it was only 2 months ago, very weird that I didn't get it done back then // Now it is // Tweaked the css of that menu, it now looks the same as the character one // Improved the upload feature, once an image has been uploaded it automatically opens said page // Made tons of css adjustments, improved icon and tags size, cleaned up bizarre stuff thata made no sense or ws just poorly written - it's still 90% amateurish but at least it's a bit cleaner now, and responsive looks a bit better too. Stuff works, but looks like shit, that's OK // Oh god... I decided to improve the description field, cause I was annoyed by all those brs... it's much better now, but now I have to cleanup ALL the previous comments I wrote... there go the next X hours // 2020-04-06 Spent some time on the pagination, I now have a menu that lets me select a page up to the end of the gallerY. It works, just doesn't look great yet as there are too many pages. I'll have to find a way to tighten that up, but that will be for tomorrow as we're still yesterday -- Still a bit wonky on the phone, strange // Ok, added a new function to hide the NextPage button when the end is reached - I may have used a wrong css command in the past, and should have used visibility instead // Found the solution to another issue, html decoding to the rescue, thanks // Shy attempt to implement some anchor, it's not possible to jumb to the comments from the number of comments icon bellow the title of an illustration - but doing so pushes the navigation out of reach, haven't figured that one out yet // Oh ! Didn't fix that issue yet but I found a way to use it in the comment editing feature, making the whole thing much much much more comfy - BUUUUUUT, saame issue : it's an overflow setting; bit annoying // Fixed it !! It was an older leftover actuaally : a redundant footer. I wrote a function to prevent it from appearing and now it works // Ok, done, I implemented it and it works perfectly now. Editing or canceling a comment now automatically jumps back at said comment instead of the top of the page. I even found an error in the table : i forgot to update one of the rows a couple fo days ago, should be good now // Welp, for some reason it doesn't work on mobile, dunno why, go figure // Tweaked the icons bellow the submission ttile, modfieid structure and changed the icon // Yes, modfieid // Damn, the pagination's still misbheaving... need to check that tomorrow, have enough for today // Welp no, 1 minute after typing this the solution came to me... yay... // K, fixed it yay ! // 2020-04-05 Made a few more tweaks to the responsive crap, improved comfort for navigation on phone : smaller thumbnails, larger menu, removed less used charaacters from the menu, larger fonts, larger page navigation text&buttons // Fixed a design error that turned the $sect from "§ion" into §. Another lesson learned // Ok, now let's look at that pthumb_artista // Ok, I get it. Past Me was clever and used this as a way to join a secondary aartist for collaborations, but as there are like 4 cases on the entire site, I totally forgot about that, so here's a reminder Future Me // Hi, this is Future Me, thanks Present-Me and Past-Me... aren't you the same guy now ? This is confusing as hell // Made some improvements on the comments, aadded a row for the edit button, it looks much prettier now // 2020-04-04 Somethign i changed yesterday affected the comments feature, I'll have to fix that // Ok, fixed it // Worked on the "change the commenter" feature, halfway done // Realized that I still used a very outdated method to save the commenter's name in the DB, I'll have to fix thaat and rewrite all the functions using this - yay the next 5 hours will be fun // Ok, first part done : I updated the tables with the new columns. Next I'll update the most recent features to make us of this // Fuck... Rolled it all back : I came accross a design problem that will require a lot more deeper rework, can't do that now // 2020-04-03 Made lots of minor css tweaks, responsive's behaving better now // 2020-04-02 Finally started working on the comments-edit feature. I'll keep it simple and load on an edit page for now // Done, wow. Update feature works. Cancel feature works. Delete feature works - It's definitely not the most elegant system right now, but it gets the job done // At a further time I'll also throw the character edit into the mix; but it requires a few db changes but um tired now // 2020-04-01 Made a couple of shy attempts to make the submission pages responsive // They now display paritally on veritacal/mobile devices // Cleanedup the submission title, the h2 was messy // 2020-03-26 Fixed a tiny error in a function : character pages didn't display the favorite food&drinks // Did some minimalistic changes on the navigation menu - removed the border radius // played a bit with the galler - object-fit. Not sure if I like it though :/ // Updated 5 minutes later : I don't like it // 2020-03-25 I temporarilltlrltylr disabled the user page - i haven't worked on it for months now, and it's completely outdated and broken, and asa I don't intend to work on it in the near future, I momentariyialtyiy disabled it // 2020-03-24 Worked aa bit on my IsKatStillAlive?© feature, renamed it to Kat instead of ZZQ, it's very basic yet. Doesn't really need to be more actuaally // And it's done, this is what it does : it will check the last time I logged in and return a message : if it's bellow 7 days, that's ok - 14 daays, that's unusual - 21 days, not normal anymore, 30 daays - something probably happened, 60 days - I'm dead. I login daily, therefore the thing should be pretty acuraate, even if I miss a daaay or two --- Yeah, my keyboard is still broken // 2020-03-08 Did stuff, don't remember what lul // I also updated a query to display the character icons on the artist aside in quantity order lo rum// I remember ! I added a uquick function to add a secondary artist name bellow the artist's naame on the artist's aside. that's alot of artists uh ? // 2020-03-07 Added a couple of new features. Some submissions now display the age of the character. This is part of the bigger picture, and the future features that I intend to add one day : chronology and stuff like that // Made some shy modifications on the projects section. Renamed it into stories and merged stories & projects. Tentative // 2020-03-06 Exported the links from the main table, imported 'em in the new one, updated functions on the submission & upload pages // Dropped the columns from the table // Just noticed that the modal I've been using for months on the submissions page was kinda useless, as it didn't display the image at 100%. Fixed that todat // 2020-03-05 Updated Tepan's profile picture // 2020-03-04 Fixed the submission renaming function that broke whenever there was no version... I didn't even test it on a normal file, just on versioned ones, lol // Added the character info & image for a new character // 2020-03-03 Fixed a couple of outdated functions (html>jpg on the tags & story pages) // 2020-03-01 Updated the functions used to display the version and extras on each submission // Updated the file rename function when adding an extra (note for later : write an autorename feature when adding a version) // Dropped the 2 outdated columns from the db (linked to the extras) // Next, I shall drop all the song related stuff, now that I also migrated it to a table of its own // And later I shall do the same for all the links // Note to self : don't forget to update the upload section, to reflect those changes ! // Updated the 'update' functions. Songs are now written in the new table. I'll do it for the story/page next... well, as soon as i have something to upload, cause it's tiresome to make void tests // I also updated the music info functions for the subs that require it // Tried to upload content with foreign characters, also works, yeah. Love ya Russia ! // Dropped the two story related columns from the table, yay progress ! // Let's fix the upload next // I thiiiiink I got everything in the upload : characters, stories and music stuff, shall test that thoroughly later, cause I have enough now // Not for self: rum + coding = no no square // Fixed the version&stories writing unnecessary info in the db when nothing's been changed // After months of being pissed that I had to browse back to leave the edit feature, I finaally decided to add a cancel button lol // WTF it was sunday today ?! // 2020-02-29 Gallery's been updated to reflect the new changes : versions and the song crap done // Updated the story navigator within each submission // Added a few "placeholder" to make the form easier to read // Updated the functions of the characters, story and artist asides // At this point, I'm sloooooooowly reaching the point where I should be able to delete the outdated columns from the db. Kinda risky ! I need to make sure I'm not forgetting anything. Still need to fix : the upload features and the renaming features, that's pretty much it ? // 2020-02-28 I liked the stuff I've done yesterday, so I decided to flesh it out and add a couple of features : updating story&page (and later changing the rating, the characters, whether it is canon or not, etc...) // Update 1 : gonna rework the way I save story informations in the db, now that I became better, I can separate that properly... which alsoooo means that i'll to rework AAAAAAAAAAALL the functions and features using it... painful... but it shall be better ! I guess ? // First part : done ! I can now edit all that crap directly. Next part, update all the other functions?... and then update all the submissions // I exported all the affected data from the database and remerged'em at the new place, it worked perfectly // Updated a few more functions : the entire versions thing is done, now I changed the function that generates the title field of each submission, adding the version and the " if it's a song // 2020-02-27 Streamlined an outdated feature. Instead of modifying the CSS to display descirptions that I left in WIP, i can now check a box and it will apply automatically. At least, taht's the project, it's not entirely done yet : so far, the database holds the data, the functions are and it works, but i haven't written the checkbox stuff yet // Done ! Works flawlessly. Took me a while to figure that one out, needed a long pause. Maybe I should have slept instead of staying awake the entire night & drinking coffee with rum // Playing with fonts // 2020-02-19 Tweaked the submissions/aside a bit, tons of CSS changes, revamped the associated subs feature, looking really nice now ! // Fixed a couple of errors in the main gallery thumbnails code, i'll have to fix the story gallery next - Done // 2020-02-18 Made a couple of changes on the footer and i'm aware of the irony of the "do not distribute without permission" line // Made some shy attempts to improve the header, the title now disappears and the ZZQ logo appears instead, but it's still wonky during the transition, don't know why yet, i'll look into that another time again, nobody will notice, right ? RIGHT ?! // Worked a bit on the pagination CSS // 2020-02-17 Seems like I forgot to update the character aside yesterday, story tags now work there too // Made a few adjustments to the tags menu // 2020-02-16 Spent some time working on the story aside // Added features to display all the characters and all the artists associated to each story // Also added a summary feature // Updated the Story Buttons in the main menu, the artist page and the submission page // Hope I didn't miss any ! // 2020-02-13 Added a tiny WIP notice on the homepage // Fixed a couple of links to get rid of the old character page > everything's now displayed on the gallery page // 2020-02-12 Unexpectedly, the solution to one of my oldest struggles came to me, just like that, out of the blue, whilst browsing the gallery : I've finally set the submission page the way I wanted it and get the overflow to work. It was so stupid, no idea how I could have missed that for so long // Added a custom scrollbar using the webkit. Is that OK ? No idea. Is there a better way to do it ? Let me know ! // 2020-02-11 Started merging some pages - the artist page doesn't exist anymore, it is now a side panel that loads directly into the gallery. That way I can keep the navigation field and have extra flexibility for further changes. I should have fixed all redirections and links, if I forgot some, I'll fix'em as soon as I notice'em. Expect some things to be disabled // I'll do the same with the characters page next // Made lots of changes, fixed a couple of things in the character asides and created a story aside, cause why not ? Also, currently, there are two versions of the character pages, as the old one is still around. I'll fix that later on // Working on the nav/filter bar in the gallery ; trying to find an elegant way to implement it // Added a function to generate a title for the gallery section when the charater's selected // 2020-02-10 FINALLY fixed the wonky aside, as always : old, very old code that needed some serious cleanup. Not perfect yet and it would be more pro to rewrite the entire thing I suppose, but let's keep some fun for another day ! // Also added another css setting for subs with WIP descriptions // Started cleaning up and tidying up some shit, essentially the temporary styles that I kept everywhere, as I was too lazy to use the css sheet // 2020-02-09 Worked a bit more on those character profiles, created default templates for all the sections // Added a filter to hide parts of a submission description, now I can write disgusting trash that won't be visible until logged in :) // 2020-02-08 Started to flesh out the character profile main page with additinoal tabs to jump between bios, gallery, commission info, design/origin crap, etc... very wip so far // 2020-02-06 Rewrote the function that generates the Artist list in the main menu. Again, crammed multiple outdated functions into one. I'm still cheating though, as the top 3 aren't in order of submissions // Fixed the old copyright leftover // Worke a lil bit on the main menu to make it more appealing. Tried using icons instead of text, meh // 2020-02-05 Rewrote the entire submissions text crap, made it more secure and crammed it all into one function - the previous version was completelent outdated and experimental, was kinda ashamed of it and needed fixture. Done // Modified the behavior of the extras in the descriptions; not entirely done yet, as its behavior is still a bit wonky on some subs with lots of text/music video/icons etc. Needs some tweaking // 2020-02-03 Finally did that copyrights function, it works 95% the way I intended. The remaining 5% are unecessary complicated and it wil be easier to keep the old model for those rare exceptions - now i need to adapt those 5% manually though which i'll from time to time, not in the mood to do them all now // update : I think I fixed'em all // Playing with an "artist's comment" CSS // Updated all the subs that contained such comments, I like it a lot more that way // 2020-02-02 Cleaned up the CSS a little bit, fixed an error i found, improved the way thumbnail's figcaptions display the artists // 2020-02-01 Improved my custom CSS feature - now much easier to design each submission individually // 2020-01-31 Lost of work on the aside for submissions, normalized it and improved it, now each section is fixed and doesn't move around, making navigation smoother // Rewrote the functions to display the music info, which was completely outdated and used very primitive methods // 2020-01-26 Modified a couple of things with my special content pages, the type of the content is now implicit instead // Laid the groundwork for my amazing IsZZQStillAlive?© feature - could do it now, but nah too lazy // 2020-01-24 Played with JS and my speciial content type of page. I like it, it's rough, but it works. Here's an example : link // 2020-01-22 Added a feature that allows me to link to specific content // Tried to reimplent the meta description, but it's still wonky, postponing that for now // Na, finally worked on it. Found the culprit : special charaacters in the description, fixed that. Same for title. // Tried to link it to an open graph profile on the artist page, but nope, that author crap doesn't seem to work, needs further investigating // 2020-01-21 Added a title when using filters or tags // Currently working on adding a new filter category : by year. May not finish it cause it's already 5;15am and I haven't slept yet // wtf // 2020-01-20 Made a little bit of cleanup on that gallery menu. Still terrible, but at least it's somewhat neat // Added a very simple render number feature, to display said number next to the title. I often reload old renders to reuse stuff I had in them, and this makes it like 2 seconds faster for me to get said number // 2020-01-12 Tweaked a function to hide some stuff // Added a feature to display entire text submissions instead of pictures, tweaked the random feature accordingly // 2020-01-10 Tiny changes here and there, many changes in the db ; emojis are now working, playing with some of them now 🎵 // I made a test with a RAND, the about page will now displaay a random submission // 2020-01-08 Fleshed out that Version-feature and added submission interlinking, to associate drafts/sketches/extra-content to the main submission // 2020-01-07 Added a feature to isolate the "version" of a submission [Extra, Bonus, etc...] from the title name for extra flexibility. It was a quick test, it worked. Kept it at that. But I realized I neglected a huge part of it : the filename renaming ! So I had to fix that inconsistance that jeopardized lots of content. It works flawlessly now. I just need to go through the db to update all concerned subs // 2020-01-03 Added an additional css for individual descriptions // Modified the adult content logo // 2020-01-02 Added an additional feature for imported fonts // 2019-12-29 Fixed a pagination issue when tags were used. Decided to overhaul the category icons and made'em clickable // 2019-12-28 To make it easier to add & edit tags, I'm working on a 'edit tags' form // Done // Tags are fully integrated // Added an easter-egg // 2019-12-27 Started working on a tagging system. So far, tags are functional and clicking on them displays all the corresponding content. Tweaked CSS here and there // 2019-12-12 Added a couple of submissions. Tweaked the Artists dropdown menu and added a submission counter next to each name // 2019-11-05 Decided to replace the ugly name tags by ugly badges, cause ugly is pretty and easy // 2019-08-29 tweaked a few things here and there, name colors on the Characters page // 2019-06-25 added the BW project page, no real content yet // 2019-06-04 added Atadan's portrait and icon, created this history page to clean up the homepage // welp, kinda burned out, worked too much on it, so I'm taking a little pause to work on a side project // 2019-05-29 worked a bit on the character pages - structure, not content // 2019-05-27 added collab feature, on gallery & submision pages // 2019-05-23 added a simple onclick zoom feature for images & refined the navigation between subs to keep track of set filter // started working on the pages, it's a bit wonky yet and doesn't work everywhere // 2019-05-22 fixed the comments issue // 2019-05-19 improvied comments system, combining comments by same author // 2019-05-18 passé la journée sur l'affichage des message postés/new messages. Fix du pageviews, les refresh ne les dcen,chent plus // added a rudimentary comments-overview feature, making it easier to follow conversations // 2019-05-17 fixed incharacter comments, improved visuals, fixed user profiles (hiding empty stories & characters) // 2019-05-16 favs in sql, fav switch, fav coutner ; proto fav gallery, fixed sql character stories : in chara comments !, perfect for RP // 2019-05-14 added pageviews coutner; stats page // 2019-05-11 subtile things, fixed the year in the gallery, tiny js tests, worked on renders instead ! // 2019-05-10 added artists SQL and crap, fixed a couple of associations, more to come ; added dA icons & da form // 2019-05-08 character pages Character Paages + associated gallery // 2019-05-07 Systeme de commentaires, ajout table userlinks et affichage de liens de contact // 2019-05-06 basic registration page > done; création de compte, affichage, restrictions, autorisations, etc... log out, log in, etc... // 2019-05-04 boutons +- pour changer tailel des images // 2019-05-03 filter pour stories (meh, sans SESSION finalement... mais cela gènre des liens cliquables, donc youpi), tests couleurs themes, tests restriction pour l'upload (foireux !), badge NEW pour images <5 jours, accès à up restreint // 2019-05-02 user pages with generating gallery, sub_color // 2019-05-01 thumb upload, system de stories avec vignettes de selection, refonte interface et aside, consolidation et nettoyage, fix faille de securité d'edit Invisible // 2019-04-30 update title + function to rename files, tab name change, creation date REQUIRED ! titres song titles, YMD Hm, Nav Filters Characters // 2019-04-29 moué moué thumbs, tout est manuel...; Description Edit button & form field upload, etc, etc, quick gimmick to hide all that shit; systeme de filtres pour galeries, etc... // 2019-04-28 integrated file rename in file upload, zoom when images ont été réduites // 2019-04-27 PROBLEME : sub_date merges in the gallery when using previous/next. Fixed it cheaply :/. Stories pages created. storyarcs start, filename standardizer // 2019-04-26 Harmonized db tables, SQL LAST_INSERT_ID for Copyrights, Characters IDs SQL, etc... // 2019-04-25 Fixed Submission Title Wrapping, added a few more characters, created User Page, improved Links to Blogger // 2019-04-24 Filter by Characters, Ratings, Copyright Field // 2019-04-23 Intégration ratings & sub_FAlink, modifs SQL rating & FAlink, page characters (2 portraits, fade to gray) // 2019-04-20 Mise en ligne du prototype / Erreur de header:location, corrigé en activant output_buffering = On; dans php.ini // 2019-04-19 Filters Gallery, displaying content accordingly, Character Tags from db // 2019-04-18 Navigation previous/next //

2021-01-25 - Second print, LOZLA, satisfying, something something 3 hours at 0.12mm - Butterfly attempt, too small, failed - Sitting K, 30 minutes 2021-01-21 - More leveling - First print, cat, 4h30 hours, quasi perfect ! 2021-01-20 - Assembled it & turned it on the first time - Leveling