Future renders/projects

A new quite fun feature I've been working on - it allows me to manage my render ideas and get them at least OUT of my head, to easily add more, and to change the current WIP status. Besides that, I also added another feature to receive suggestions from visitors and a voting system : vote with the πŸ”Ί button for your favorite idea, and the ones receiving the most votes will be pushed to the top and signalized with a ⭐. I'll make those my priority !
The entire page is quite ugly and a bit wonky, so I'll fix all this as a I move on, don't hesitate to provide feedback ! Thanks :)
Hm... I actually like the name "The Todo", I'll keep that I think.
notes & updates

Submit your own suggestion ! Have fun messing with this ! Provide a name or some info if you want credits !

New :

vote work title details description credits scene status
2020-10-18Optical FiberKat & Tijiupdate 2: turned this into @FeralFuckers
update: tempted to grow this into a bigger project, an entire new section on the site actuually
2020-10-03EzekielπŸ”ž Katremake of picS01570WIP
2020-10-02Halloween 2020πŸŽƒEh-aRWRXYAMWEDv ?S01577Finished
2020-09-29Bus StopKat & Tijijust playing with Kat's urban winter clothesS01569Finished
2020-09-30Never Alone - B SideTijithe other side of the wallS01571Finished
2020-10-03Renardthe brotherS01364Finished
2020-09-26So Many Heartstrying to find the answerS01568Finished
2020-09-26WaterfallπŸ”ž Kat X Tijieven more sexS01567Finished
2020-09-26VanπŸ”ž Kat X Tiji3/x more sexS01566Finished
2020-09-26HeadlightsπŸ”ž Kat X Tiji2/x sexS01565Finished
2020-09-25OvenKat & Tiji waitingyay, received oven !! there was no delay finally !! HAPPY CHAOS !!!S01564Finished
2020-09-21New BatteriesKat & Tijiinspired by i pose on the couchS01562Finished
2020-09-13Bondage WolfKatfleeting image i saw after waking up, another "easy" render that could become an entry in the "Fur & Leather" seriesS01559Finished
2020-09-13GoatKat & Tijiquick and easy render, nothing special, just something I want to doS01558Finished
2020-09-14Vision of Bluenot a renderanother restless night, thoughts, landscapesFinished
2020-09-12T. L.Kat & Tijia remake of a L. C. photoS01557Finished
2020-10-14SapKat & TijiUpdate : Kinda evolved into another pic [link]Paused
2020-10-07Exchange IIIKat & Tijiwords (might commission someone for this, don't know yet, thus on hold)Paused
2020-10-06Wrap UpπŸ”ž Kat X TijiEitQFRHXkAsJBrU & 788962Paused
2020-09-13Bondage FoxTijiold render from 2018, also partially completeS01196Paused
2020-09-20CheriKatlet's reuse that jacket !S01561Paused
2020-09-15The WayKat & Tijirender is done, but the description isn't - I NEED TO FINISH THIS ONE S01511ABPaused
2020-09-11Dr. StewartKat & TijiGotta start moving
Don't be afraid
'Cause I'm moving
If you take a chance
2020-09-13ImaginaerumKat, Demo, and many moreA 10+ images journey inspired inspired by various songsPaused
2020-09-13InterviewTepan's introductioni feel terrible for not working on this one, I have so much love for Project 97, and yet, cannot force myself to finish this introductionPaused
2020-09-11TVKat & Tijianother render that's partially completeS01333Paused
2020-09-1124hKat & Tijia project i started a few months ago and left partially unfinished, would be a shame to not release what i've already doneS01430Paused
2020-09-10TreeKat & Tiji ?a scene using one of the photos I took today
built the "scene", but i'm just not inspired to work on it...
2020-09-09Fur & Leather PrequelKat & Tiji intimate scenesummonded an entire comic idea, pondering about that now, not sure if i have it in me do to itS01555Paused
2020-10-26JarreK & T
2020-10-26ContactKat & TijiPG - IMG_7784-MRM
2020-10-21Snapshotthe wild familyPG
2020-10-18Halloween 2021πŸŽƒπŸΊi had 2 ideas for 2020, went with one, this would be the other
2020-10-17Any Questions ?
2020-10-16Close-UpsKat & Tijian encounter
2020-10-15Emergency ButtonKat & Tiji
2020-10-15Paper Kat
2020-10-15Burning Heart
2020-10-10-nothing-writing & thinking of SHATTERED background story and stuff
2020-10-13UnlawfulConsiderateAntlionπŸ”ž Kat X Tannenthe war continues
2020-10-134p62hmpwnqs51πŸ”ž Katanother proud selfie
2020-10-10TurnsπŸ”ž Feyel X Tannen X Kat
2020-10-09Bad Piratethe very unlucky pirate
2020-10-09LemonKat & lemon
2020-10-07Exchange IIKat & Tijilooks
2020-10-07Exchange IKat & Tijistuff
2020-10-06[Clothes] ShirtKatan entry in the clothes series ? (ref : Ejm7yjzVcAEgBNr)
2020-10-06Dress-Up (KAT)Kati need to do one with Kat, too many clothes ideas i wanna try aand play with
2020-10-02Pets BathingKat
been browsing gardening stuff, and this ad cracked me up, the face of the dog XD
2020-10-05ΰ€†ΰ€•ΰ€Ύΰ€Άthe skywho or what keeps the memories of the world and times
really wanna explore those ideas further
2020-10-04CaringImpressionableBlackbearπŸ”ž Kat X Tiji[close-up] maybe the start of a new series ? there are a few i waanna make !
2020-10-03Sleeping KingKat & Demo
2020-09-28TaxiπŸ”ž Kat X Tiji5/x even nastier sex (22905088)
2020-09-29CruiseKat & Tiji1/x start of the cars series
2020-09-29CarπŸ”ž Kat X Tiji4/x more nasty sex (11554214)
2020-10-02TruckπŸ”ž Kat X Tiji6/x
2020-10-02PantiesKatthat's not a hat, you fucking idiot !
2020-10-02SwordChillblood and tears
2020-10-01Delivery?can't take a shower, can't take a shit... you're just waiting for the delivery
2020-09-09MagdaleneπŸ”ž Kat X Tijiinspired by a movie (20200905_210916.610)
2020-09-30Shackles?cardinal red
2020-09-30SinsKat X Tijiwash
2020-09-30RazorKat & Tannen
2020-09-30Traverses de Chemin de FerKatWTF lol
2020-09-09GoldπŸ”ž Kat X Tijimore fun with fetishes
2020-09-15CellKatan old render - the lighting made it stand outS00991
2020-09-29Blood TubKat & Tijihorned
2020-09-29Parallels Kat & Tijitwo horizons
2020-09-29Shy BonerKat & Tiji
2020-09-28PotatoKat & Tijisitting in a tree
2020-09-27A Dreaman essay about dream and dreamers
2020-09-10Testiclehello i'm messing with your newsbar
2020-09-27RiverKat & Tijisome ideas with a river
2020-09-27HowlsKatdrunk howl - hungry howl - horny howl - lonely howl
2020-09-15MarketTijithe fox does some shopping
2020-09-26MonumentKat ? Tiji ? Dunno yeta photo i took whilst driving back home, i've driven past this spot so many times, and this time i stopped, as i enjoyed the rainy weather and the mood too much, perfect environement for a render ?
2020-09-26T. L. SequelKat & Tijisequel, not inspired by a photo this time
2020-09-25Teeferswolf anatomy series
2020-09-25Wolf AnatomyKatClose ups ? Details ? Weird and maybe too realistic and gross ?
2020-09-22Barf & FuckWtf is happening with me lol ?Outside work whole day. Tired and sore limbs
The little glass of rum with water and sugar killed me
Haven't been able to leave the couch since
Feel terrible, just wanna barf... And for some reason I'm also terrible horny... Dunno why...
Someone kill me lol
Not me
2020-09-13Long CatKat and catand breaking stuff - another dumb idea I wanna play with
"On September 20th, the Hong Kong-based news site StandNews reported that Nobiko had died at the age of 18."
2020-09-20Rave TowerKat & Demoa long fall
2020-09-19-untitled-πŸ”ž gKwjJ7Sy.jpganother entry in the Fur & Leather series ? -
2020-09-18Offensejust read more dumb shit - makes me want to work on something truly offensive, just to push as many buttons as possible
2020-09-17Beauty in Love, Beauty in Lossdunno yetno particular idea yet, but i liked those last few words of a description i just finished, that's something i could built upon - perhaps as a tribute image for Schiller ? i'll think about it
2020-09-17SpriteKat8 bits
2020-09-16WheatfieldsKat & Demo
2020-09-15Surfan afternoon at the beach
2020-09-15Invadesa project i started working on some time ago, was meant to become a huge "concept", it's partially huh.. started
2020-09-15WallKat & Tijiusing one of the photos I took
2020-09-15Absolutionideally, this would be an entire story told as a music video - i have the entire sequence in me, but i'll never have the tools to bring it out
2020-09-15Handsa series of illustrations around the theme of "holding hands" // ex: P&P2
2020-09-14TitanicChill & the Z.
2020-09-14SocietyChill & Lagdan
2020-09-14PERVERTIS STUPIDUSKat & TijiCoyote & Road Runner
2020-09-13UpKat & Tijithis one would be gorgeous as an anime styled illustration, so maybe a future commission ?
2020-09-13YouKat - Tiji2 illustrations
2020-09-13Bruhcouple of ideas
2020-09-13RingsKat & Tijiinvitation to endlessness
2020-09-13To The Stars
2020-09-13HarvestSurrender to the earth
2020-09-13MIRΠ―OΠ―another old comic idea, one day i'll do it, lol
2020-09-13TabooKat & Tiji & the darknessanother extremely high priority project - wanted to work on for years, but i'm just not skilled enough and i'll just ruin it // ideally, would been a brief comic
2020-09-134:42Kat & Tiji & colors, lots and lots of colorsanother high priority one that i hope to do before i die
2020-09-09ShellKat & Tiji funny scenedumb idea that popped in my mind whilst doing garden/outdoor work
2020-09-09RhythmKat & Tiji sequence3-4 pics with a common theme
2020-09-10BenchπŸ”ž Kat X Tiji I suppose - i see them everywhere...a scene using one of the photos I took today, another opportunity to merge two render ideas that have been haunting me
2020-09-13Statue IISanctuary -
2020-09-13Statue IWoluk Saga - image inspired by ICO
2020-09-13Hopia moment of peace
2020-09-13Over YouI've been wanting to work on this one for ages now, I had an idea that wasn't doable in the current state, and for which I rewrote sections of the site - just for this idea. So maybe I should eventually start working on it now ❀️❀️❀️
2020-09-12TacosKatlittle pasta big suit
2020-09-09ClimbTiji scene
2020-09-10TessenKat Zero cosplay with the B Fan
2020-09-11Black Lightand more neons
2020-09-10Fire ExtinguisherKat getting his face caved ini want you to remake the Irreversible scene with that piece of shitTannen
2020-09-09PoisonChill scene
2020-09-09MoskauKat & Tiji intimate scene
2020-09-09XaymacaKat & Tiji scene


2020-09-10 - update : have an idea !! I could make this list interactive and let people vote on their favorite idea, and so I'll work on the winning one - i'll implement that in the coming days // 2020-09-11 - update 2 : welp, looks like I'm now turning this entire thing into a projects managing feature that will help me track down my ideas, current work and statuses // update 3 : I should add another feature to display WIP or reference pics ! // update 4 : welp, this has grown too much, i'll have to add some features to keep some ideas private // update 5 : and i still don't know how i'll implemant the voting feature, how can i prevent people from cheating and voting multiple times ? maybe using a session/timer ? i'll try that tomorrow // 2020-09-12 - update 6 : halfway done, the integration and logic works, now i just need to build and integrate it with the database - and eventually make it look fancy, cause right now it's butt ugly // The voting works !! Now I have to finish the sorting... ok, seems to work too // now i'll try to add a little star ⭐ or something next to the current top voted idea Works ! WTF I spent the entire day on this... muh renders !! // 2020-09-13 - I had an error this morning, shall investigate further // Once there are a few votes in (lol), i'll have to add a separation to distinguish those who have been voted on from those who haven't // maybe also find a way to hide FINISHED pics after aa while ? Or move them to a category of their own ? // Add a "comments" section ? That would allow me to comment on guest suggestions and communicate with them ? // hm, maybe i should add another option to group them, cause some of those ideas go together, i'll see // oh and i also need a feature to delete some of them easily lol // ALSO ! I I'll have to fix the priority I gave to each status, as it is now, it's not right, and if I change this things can be easier, i'll do that tomorrow //