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Is it dead ? No. It's just dormant. Eventually, I'll find a way to work on it again, one way or another.
And if it isn't me... well... there's an army of monkeys with typewriters somewhere out there...

Title screen. One guy once commented about the text looking generic and all. Welp, not gonna change that XD I always liked that simple, basic font.


Cutscene, still. Alas. Animated would have been amazing though, but too much work. One life wouldn't be enough.

I went on working on scenes that would be used for Day 3. The forest path. Nothing much would have happened here, it was meant to be a hub for the path to the right, leading to the ruins, and the path in the front, leading to the town. I felt so proud when I designed that stone bench.
Those stone benches are curiosities of the region I grew up, called "Bancs Napoléoniens", most of them were set up in the 19th century to celebrate Napoleon's birth and later marriage. There are even some older ones still around. The idea was to give the merchants an opportunity to rest, as they walked from town to town. They could put their stuff on the top part, and sit on the bottom one.
Up to this day, there are something like 450 of them left in our region.
And extremely strong brand mark of my youth, so I had to put it in the game somewhere ^^

Another Day 3 place. The marketplace. Very painful to look at this picture... I remember the last things I was working on... how I was animating those ropes in the sky, making them slowly swing with the wind... I began writing down a few musical notes for the atmosphere too... well...

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