ZeroZeroQuatre's Homepage

Welp. After years of looking for a satisfying platform to archive all my crap, the demise of places like y!G and witnessing the really uncomfortable transformations of some others, I finally came to the conclusion : "Hmm... yeah, guess I'll have to build it myself, eh ?"

So here it is. It's far from being finished, and I'm constantly upgrading and adding stuff here and there. But eventually, it will be the ideal solution for me. If I need a feature, hey ! I'll just add it !
Tons and tons of content's also missing, and I'll keep adding stuff inbetween periods of hair pulling and head-against-the-wall-ramming.

Also, obligatory disclaimer : nag nag nag, might be NSFW, go fuck yourself.

2019-05-06 added basic user registration & account features // 2019-05-07 added a simple commenting system // 2019-05-16 favs are up, and i introduced a new fun concept to the comments // 2019-05-17 added portraits next to the comments, revamped comments & profiles a bit // 2019-05-18 added a rudimentary comments-overview feature, making it easier to follow conversations // 2019-05-20 added a limiter to gallery, now it works with pages instead of displaying all the content on the same page. Not implemented on the characters & rating filters yet. That's for tomorrow nope, doesn't work as intended, i need to find another way - pass for now // 2019-05-21 let's see if i can add comments editing // 2019-05-22 found a couple of dysfunctions in the comments feature that will require further testing fixed, i think // 2019-05-23 added a simple onclick zoom feature for images