ZeroZeroQuatre's Domain

Placeholder text : Welp. After years of looking for a satisfying platform to archive all my crap, the demise of places like y!G and witnessing the really uncomfortable transformations of some others, I finally came to the conclusion : "Hmm... yeah, guess I'll have to build it myself, eh ?"

So here it is. It's far from being finished, and I'm constantly upgrading and adding stuff here and there. But eventually, it will be the ideal solution for me. If I need a feature, hey ! I'll just add it !
Tons and tons of content's also missing, and I'll keep adding stuff inbetween periods of hair pulling and head-against-the-wall-ramming.

Also, obligatory disclaimer : nag nag nag, might be NSFW, you probably shouldn't be here in the first place
no safe space beyond this point.

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