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Feeling diary-ish.

2019-06-11 Or not, lol. A muesli OD brought me to the brink of death. I survived, but that was a wasted week-end. I tried to render a couple of things, but the computer refused to collaborate. Crashes made me give up immediately. I nonetheless finished a new Kat & Tiji piece //
2019-06-07 I was in the mood to work with Fey again, so I spent the day working on a new version. I updated his profile image too // Finished a quick test render // Next shall be THE Feyel illustration //

Site History

Just some technical bullcrap that won't interest anyone but me. Personal diary to keep track of the progress, sorta.

2019-04-18 Navigation previous/next // 2019-04-19 Filters Gallery, displaying content accordingly, Character Tags from db // 2019-04-20 Mise en ligne du prototype / Erreur de header:location, corrigé en activant output_buffering = On; dans php.ini // 2019-04-23 Intégration ratings & sub_FAlink, modifs SQL rating & FAlink, page characters (2 portraits, fade to gray) // 2019-04-24 Filter by Characters, Session pour Ratings, Copyright Field // 2019-04-25 Fixed Submission Title Wrapping, added a few more characters, created User Page, improved Links to Blogger // 2019-04-26 Harmonized db tables, SQL LAST_INSERT_ID for Copyrights, Characters IDs SQL, etc... // 2019-04-27 PROBLEME : sub_date merges in the gallery when using previous/next. Fixed it cheaply :/. Stories pages created. storyarcs start, filename standardizer // 2019-04-28 integrated file rename in file upload, zoom when images ont été réduites // 2019-04-29 moué moué thumbs, tout est manuel...; Description Edit button & form field upload, etc, etc, quick session to hide all that shit; systeme de sessions pour galeries rating etc, filtres, etc... // 2019-04-30 update title + function to rename files, tab name change, creation date REQUIRED ! titres song titles, YMD Hm, Nav Filters Characters // 2019-05-01 thumb upload, system de stories avec vignettes de selection, refonte interface et aside, consolidation et nettoyage, fix faille de securité d'edit Invisible // 2019-05-02 user pages with generating gallery, sub_color // 2019-05-03 filter pour stories (meh, sans SESSION finalement... mais cela gènre des liens cliquables, donc youpi), tests couleurs themes, tests restriction pour l'upload (foireux !), badge NEW pour images <5 jours, accès à up restreint // 2019-05-04 boutons +- pour changer tailel des images // 2019-05-06 basic registration page > done; création de compte, affichage, restrictions, autorisations, etc... log out, log in, etc... // 2019-05-07 Systeme de commentaires, ajout table userlinks et affichage de liens de contact // 2019-05-08 character pages Character Paages + associated gallery // 2019-05-10 added artists SQL and crap, fixed a couple of associations, more to come ; added dA icons & da form // 2019-05-11 subtile things, fixed the year in the gallery, tiny js tests, worked on renders instead ! // 2019-05-14 added pageviews coutner; stats page // 2019-05-16 favs in sql, fav switch, fav coutner ; proto fav gallery, fixed sql character stories : in chara comments !, perfect for RP // 2019-05-17 fixed incharacter comments, improved visuals, fixed user profiles (hiding empty stories & characters) // 2019-05-18 passé la journée sur l'affichage des message postés/new messages. Fix du pageviews, les refresh ne les dcen,chent plus // added a rudimentary comments-overview feature, making it easier to follow conversations // 2019-05-19 improvied comments system, combining comments by same author // 2019-05-22 fixed the comments issue // 2019-05-23 added a simple onclick zoom feature for images & refined the navigation between subs to keep track of set filter // started working on the pages, it's a bit wonky yet and doesn't work everywhere // 2019-05-27 added collab feature, on gallery & submision pages // 2019-05-29 worked a bit on the character pages - structure, not content // 2019-06-04 added Atadan's portrait and icon, created this history page to clean up the homepage // welp, kinda burned out, worked too much on it, so I'm taking a little pause to work on a side project // 2019-06-25 added the BW project page, no real content yet //